About Us

We are opening our doors. Be Welcome

We exist since 2014, we were a very private club reserved to a select few. Since thoses years we allowed many people to travel at the BEST RATE possible with flexibility.
The travel industry is living one of its biggest evolution. People now book by themselves through platforms that offer huge discounts, when 15 years ago it was almost impossible to have half of the prices you can get now.

This is why we decided to open our way of traveling to a larger community.

The IATN club gives you the opportunity to navigate among travel professionals while benefiting from the advantages and reductions to which they are entitled, we offer you to travel with privileged access to high-end establishments at negotiated rates, while this by delegating your steps for your future trips thanks to a simple form.

Our Mindset

Travel with passion

We want to share our passion of discovery. Enjoy the world, have fun, discover new bounderies. All of it like never before.

  • Benefit from the advantages and discounts of travel professionals
  • Traveling with access to comfort and luxury at reasonable prices
  • Save time, delegating your booking researchs
  • Review the travel industry as a travel agent
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What we offer is simple

We give you access to :

  • Discounts with flexibility: We have access to many different types of discounts, this is how we easily get the best rate.
    you can get :

    • Up to 70% discount on hotels stay (Four and five stars)
    • Up to 35% discount for car rental
    • Up to 70% discount on a Cruise line
    • Access to airport lounges
    • Access to many upgrades and exclusive services.
  • You have exclusive access to a unique concierge service trained in our way of traveling. This concierge service will do all the searches for you. Save time and money at the same time.
  • You are also eligible to be trained as a travel agent (only on request)


I’m traveling a lot for professional issues. With such a small investment, I’ve made so much saving that i’ve been able to invest more in my company and make a 25% growth. This is better than everything i’ve heard off so far.

Evelien van der Ede - Frequent Traveler

Can you imagine that my friend didn’t invite me to IATN Club? I would be so angry about him if he kept it for himself. Thank you Andre, to give me this chance!!! xox

Marga Shei - Senior Agent

How little did I know when I join IATN. I was always thinking that I didn’t need to stay at the luxury hotels. I was thinking that’s only for the rich people. Now I’m traveling the world and enjoy my life how its mend to be.

Will Martens - Senior Agent