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With IATN Club YOU decide what you do. You can:

  • Sell travel and receive commission from over 500 tour operators
  • Personal travel save  >50% of your budget
  • Make professional reviews on our in house IATN review site
  • Join the best affiliate program available
  • We know the secrets in the travel industry and will teach you all
Waiting for travel
Travel as a Professional
To enter the World of IATN Travel, you are required to purchase a Travel Training Package
via an existing IATN agent.
Our Secret Training Package, exposes inside information on the
industry allowing you to earn income and save massively on personal travel.
Discounts & Upgrades

Overview of the discounts available*:

·         HOTELS AND RESORTS: Up to 80% Discount, plus Upgrades where available.
·         CAR RENTALS: Up to 30% Discount - unlimited mileage included.
·         CRUISES: 25% – 75% Discount (do we need upgrades here?)
·         TOURS: 25% – 50% Discount. (Free tours where available)
·         THEME PARKS & ATTRACTIONS: 10% – 100%! Discount.

*Discounts available for family members.
About Us

IATN club is a travel club like no other. We are the pearl with the best affiliate program in the travel industry. Our affiliate program has made more people financially independent than any other travel program. To become a member of our exclusive club requires purchase of the Secret Travel Training Package via an existing IATN agent. With our training, learn all you need to know to earn great income and save big on your personal travel budget. Following IATN’s program you will free your time to travel where, when and how you want. Our goal is simple: To help members achieve the financial independence and time freedom to live free!

Our company is domiciled in the wonderful Seychelles:

Wooden Shoe Group LTD
Global Gateway 8
Rue de la Perle
Mahe, Seychelles
Company #222549
What we offer:
And you choose what you like to do
Book Travel and Get Paid to do it!

Make travel arrangements for friends, family, business associates, and social contacts as an agent in your spare time at home. We are partner of one of the biggest tour operators in Europe, with over 50 years of experience and over 4000 travel agents.

Earn up to 80% of the commission the agency receives. Make Money booking cruises, excursions, hotels, spas, resorts, tours, car rentals, buses, trains, vacation packages, and tours. Sorry airlines do not pay commissions to travel agencies, but booked for a third party you can charge a booking fee.
Full secret travel training courses

IATN Club, the place that changes lives for the best. We work with the best professionals in the travel industry. IATN is all about travel and how fun it is supposed to be. In our IATN travel club we have the online training modules to make you the best travel agent.

We will teach you to enjoy life and travel the world like never before.
Work online from any place in the world

We have the best affiliate program there is. An approved marketing plan that can make you financial independent in no time. Our product is training packages that can be done online. Everything we do can be done online from every beautiful place on our planet. As soon your affiliate marketing is making money, you will have free time and travel the world in luxury and stile. Even when you have plenty of money you will save anyway >50% on your travel. Let us change your life and see our free webinar now.
The benefits of IATN Club membership

  • Safe >50% on your travel budget
  • Make money selling trips as a full-fledged travel agency
  • Make the real money with the best affiliate program
  • Get more free time for your family
  • Travel all over the world and enjoy your life again in style
  • Take your life back into your own hands and enjoy your life again
  • Write professional reviews on our travel agent reviews site
  • learn all the secrets in the travel industry
Unique  Places on the world
Introduce the world to you

Travel to unique places around the world.
Do you want to go to the snow or to a tropical paradise.
It is your choice, life is made up of choices
"If someone offers you an
amazing opportunity
and you are not sure to
know how to do it.
Say YES!!!
Then you learn how to do it."

-Sir Richard Branson -


We have secret 10 training modules:

Airlines, Car rental, Cruises, Trains, Theme parks,
Reviews, Travel industry general, Selling travel,
Booking airline tickets, Marketing

Will Martens
Marga Shei
Can you imagine that my friend dint invite me to IATN? I would be so angry about him if he kept it for him self. Thank you Andre, to give me this chance!!! xxx

Marga Shei
Senior Agent
How little did I know when I join IATN. I was always thinking that I didn’t need to stay at the luxury hotels. I was thinking that’s only for the rich people. Now I’m traveling the world and enjoy my life how its mend to be.

Will Martens
Senior Agent
Since I’m a member, I understood the difference between a 3-star hotel and a 5-star hotel. It’s not the luxury, it’s enjoying your vacation fully in quality.

Jaypee Gonçalves
Veteran Member
Evelien van der Ede
With such a small investment in the training program and such a gigantic income. This is better than waiting for the lottery or starting for yourself :) I am the happiest woman on the planet !!!

Evelien van der Ede
Senior Agent
A wise man once said:

If you do what you did, you get what you had!

Arplane with car

Dare to be different

Do something!

If you do something different from others, the outcome will also be different!

Find Us

Our company is domiciled in the wonderful Seychelles:

Wooden Shoe Group LTD
Global Gateway 8
Rue de la Perle
Mahe, Seychelles

Wooden Shoe Group LTD
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Working hours:
Mon- Sun 8:00 AM - 23:00 PM

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Wooden Shoe Group LTD
Global Gateway 8, Rue de la Perle, Providence Mahe, Seychelles, No 222549
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NL Mobile: Klik hier
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Wooden Shoe Group LTD
Global Gateway 8, Rue de la Perle, Providence Mahe, Seychelles, No 222549
Email: Click here
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